Quartzy Features, Requirements, Specifications and Faq’s

Quartzy – A new online lab management platform with a research supply for scientists. The platform is providing its services through an online website, which is user-friendly. So, the user can take the advantages of this service very quickly. The Quartzy registration and logion procedure is effortless for the users. To give more information about this platform, here we have shared the terms and conditions, specifications, pricing details, etc. You can check all the details regarding this, through the below article.


One of the most valuable laboratory management instruments for the scientist. Now, more than 200000 scientists are using this tool worldwide. It has many features like inventory management and price comparison for product quotes. Also, the tool has combined the order requests and supply tracking for the research groups and labs. A private company has started its online market place in the last year. The company is present in Hayward, has 60 numbers of employees.


Quartzy founded by Jayant Kulkarni and Adam Regelmann in 2011. The platform is free for users. It has two parts. One is an inventory management module and the second one id price comparison of product quotes. Before starting to use this service, the user has first to complete the registration and login process.

Key Features of Quartzy

It developed to help scientists, which has comes with many essential features. Here we have given some of the Quartzy features for the user’s awareness.

  1. Accounting
  2. Inventory Management
  3. Patient Information Management
  4. Security
  5. Email/SMS Marketing
  6. Appointment Management
  7. Reliable and Secure
  8. Membership Management
  9. Pay Slip

The above mentioned are some of the features which help the customers and users.

Quartzy Specifications

Here we have given the details about the specification. Therefore the user can get more idea about this new platform. The Quartzy Login services deployment based on the cloud. The operating system used by it is Web App. To use this service, the user has to pay for it monthly. Also, the user can download this service in their Android or iOS device.


The user can check the Quartzy Pricing as per their requirements. You can quickly check the pricing through the official website.

Terms and Conditions for Quartzy

The user has first to follow the Quartz’s terms and conditions. Such as;

  1. Below 18 years candidate can’t access.
  2. If they modified any terms and condition, then the user has to first agree on it. Then he/she can use this service.
  3. It grants only personal, limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, Non-sublicense able license. So the user has to use the site as theses provided terms.

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Quartzy Restrictions

Some restrictions are also there and the user has to follow those limits.

  1. The user can’t manipulate the Quartzy fee structure, billing process, etc.
  2. Also could not publish or upload any unlawful, misleading, and malicious in the site.
  3. The other systems, programs, data are not available for public use.
  4. The user can’t send any unsolicited advertising, email, spam, promotional material etc.

FAQs About Quartzy

What is the cost of Quartzy?

It is not specified on the website. But for the new user’s free trial is available.

Who are the users of Quartzy?

Developed for some of the typical users like Startups, SMEs, and Agencies, etc.

What is the Payment method?

The user has to follow the monthly payment method.


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