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There are many websites to make the hospital’s bill pays through an online process. Physpayment is also an online bill payment but with many good services that make this payment portal different from others. Physpayment is associated with many hospitals that make all these easy processes. All these will save your time and effort of paying the bills. So, we will see the login process and pay physician bills online with Physpayment.


The online portal always saves our time, effort to complete the tasks. Physpayment is also one of its kind in these online services. There is no need to create an account to make the bills. The number on the billing statement from your doctor alone is enough to start the billing process.  If you pay the bills regularly then it is good to open an account.


Physpayment is a simple website where you can retrieve all your details by the number on billing statements. There is no need of any standing in the line and also you can pay bills using credit cards. In this article, you will find the complete details about Physpayment login and pay bills.

Steps To Pay Physician Bills At Physpayment

The payment process is very simple as mentioned above. Here are the complete detail and the things you need handy before starting the payment process. Go through this section and complete your pay bills steps easy without any problems.

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Prior Pay Bills At Physpayment

  • Bill statement was given by a health care provider.
  • Physpayment accepted by your physician.
  • A valid Credit card with sufficient amount.
  • Good internet connection

These above details are enough to start your Physpayment and make pay the bills. Now follow the steps here

  • Open the home page of Physpayment to pay bills.
  • Click here to directly launch the online portal.
  • Now enter the Patient Account Number in the space given.
  • This is mentioned on the upper right corner of patient statement and begins with “8X”.
Login Physpayment
Login Physpayment
  • Enter your Birth date in the mm-dd-yyyy format in the next field.
  • Click on pay now option and this will retrieve your account details
  • It displays the amount of money you need to pay and your personal information.
  • Now click on the payment option and give your credit card details like number, CVV and also the expiry date.
  • Once check the details and click on the payment option at the bottom of the window.
  • When the transaction is complete you will receive email invoice about the payment of your bill.
  • You will find a registration step in this process you can skip it or register to Login again directly with a Login ID.

Physpayment Portal Login

 To create an account in online to pay bills is a very easy process and there is no need of giving your account number and date of birth details. Each time of payment you can simply log in to your account and pay bills.

  • Go to the browser and launch the home page.
  • Click on Internal login option below.
Physpayment Pay Bills
Physpayment Pay Bills
  • Enter your Login ID and password in the fields which are given at the registration process.
  • Now tap on “Click Here to Login” button to enter into your account.
Physpayment Login
Physpayment Login
  • This will show your dashboard where you can easily pay bills.

Recover Login ID and Password

We can recover the Login details in any case you have lost them. This is very easy and completes in one click. There are two processes to recover your Login ID and Password respectively.

Online Bills Physpayment
Online Bills Physpayment

Recover Login ID

  • Open the Internal Login page of Physpayment.
  • Now tap on Forgot your Login ID option.
  • Enter the patient Account number and Email address in the given fields.
Physpayment Bills Online
Physpayment Bills Online
  • Now tap on the enter button to complete the steps.
  • You will receive an email with your Login ID that you used to enroll in the mail address.

Recover Password

  • Open the login page and tap on forgot password option.
  • Enter the Login ID and Email address in the fields.
Pay Bills Physpayment
Pay Bills Physpayment
  • Click on Send My Password and you wi9ll receive the email address with your password.

Physpayment Helpline Numbers

There are customer services provided by Physpayment online portal. They will help you with the problems on login, online payment or any other issues. It is Toll-free numbers.

Toll-Free: (888) 422-7720

Availability: Monday-Friday, 7:00 AM-6:00 PM

For more information on Login Portal like this check Loginpayportal.


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