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The Barclays cards are first started in 1996 in the UK and make possible things simple for regular shoppers and people in the business. They provide different types of Credit cards with great and efficient offers to their customers. Barclaycard is the multinational credit card and has over ten million customers. They provide various types of credit cards to borrow the money in the right way and have control in finance and earn points on everyday shopping.

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To apply for the Barclay Credit Card, you need to meet the company criteria. You need to satisfy the below specifications before application of the credit card.

  • You need to be over 18 years old.
  • One should be in employment and earn 3,000 pounds per year.
  • There should be no history of bankrupt in the last six years.
  • Address proof if shifted recently and not missed a bill payment.
  • If you have a high amount of loan, then the Barclay will check the eligibility of yours.

We can use the eligibility checker before the application in the official website of the Barclaycard. It can be done answering the few questions, and this is just a guide, and the result may change with the complete application. The online form will be confirmed instantly on the website itself.

Barclaycard Registration And Login

As you receive your credit card through the mail, we need to activate to use the card. The activation made through online or phone procedure. Here we will discuss the two methods. Here you can also search for MyBPCredit Card Activation.

Online Procedure

  • To activate the card online, you need to login to your account and activate the card.
  • Type in your search browser and click enter.
Barclay Card
Barclay Card
  • Tap on the login to activate the option in the page and give your details and activate your card.
  • If you are not registered, then follow the steps in the registration procedure in this article below.

Phone Procedure

The online is the fast way to activate the card. If you are not comfortable, then call 0800 068 4499 and follow the instructions to activate the credit card.

On Smartphone

The Barclay card has a free App, which is available for Android and iOS. Install the App from your respective App store and activate the card.

Steps To Register For Barclaycard Credit Card

When you get your credit, you can register with the Barclaycard to handle the credit card easily. The guidance for the registration of the card is as given. On doing registration and login, you can easily have all your Barclaycard Payments.

  • Check your internet connection for the fast response and click here for the register homepage.
  • Click on the register option on the home page.
Barclay Log-in
Barclay Log-in
  • The register application page opened on your window.
  • You need to fill the form with your details like Birthdate, Card number, security code and also the expiry date.
  • Set the login details and keep them confidential. Give the Username, Passcode, and a Memorable Word.
  • Give the contact details in the text field like email address and Mobile phone number. So, you will receive online statements.
  • Check the box frequently to get the updates on your mail.
  • Read the terms and conditions and click on the register option.

You now registered with the online services of the Barclaycard.

Steps To Barclaycard Login

If you already registered with the Barclaycard, then you can directly login with your credentials and manage your card easily.

  • Click on the hyperlink to log in with your details.
  • Give your Username or ID number in the space given for it.
Barclaycard Login
Barclaycard Login
  • Enter the Passcode, and you can get to your account page and manage your details.

Recover Barclaycard User ID and Passcode

If you have slipped your user ID, then you can recover it.

  • Click on forgot username or ID in the login page.
  • Give your Card number and the Passcode details and click on the continue button below.
Barclay Credit Card
Barclay Credit Card
  • You will get the User ID details to the registered email address.
  • If you have lost your Passcode then, click on the ‘Forgotten Passcode’ option in the login page.
  • To reset the Passcode confirm the identify details in the page.
  • Enter your Card number, Security Code and expiry date of the Card in the specified fields.
  • Give your Date of birth in the space provided for that.
Barclaycard Benefits
Barclaycard Benefits
  • Click on the continue option below. You will get the email to the registered address with a link.
  • Using this you can change the Passcode of your account.

 Benefits, Rewards, Freedom Points And Discounts

  • We get the cashback on every purchase from the credit cards. It also adds the freedom reward points to the account used in purchasing the things.
  • You can earn the freedom points from anywhere you shop from the home town or aboard.
  • We can quickly check the balance on the card and plan for the shopping stuff.
  • The Barclaycard also send you Gift cards which are very useful in collecting the points, or you can send them to your family and friends to make the purchase.
  • We can earn the Cashback from the card when you do purchase in a store that meets the rules of the Cashback.
  • The rules of the cashback are on the official website.

Customer Service Number Of Barclaycard

The Barclaycard have good customer services which are very helpful in the process. The numbers are

The service numbers are 0800 151 0900 or 0333 200 9090

Hours: 24 hours of customer service

Abroad call: +44(0)1604 230 230

To cancel the card: call 0800 151 0900

You can also write the mail from your login account about any specific issue to the Barclaycard.


We have discussed the login and registration details in the Barclaycard. The activation processes also mentioned in detail. Hope the information will help you to log in and manage your credit cards and have a happy and safe shopping. People here can now check for other Cards on loginpayportal.


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